At the Cross of Jesus

As we move closer to Good Friday, take some time to reflect on Jesus’ story and its shaping of your own.crosses

Christ Community Church has been journeying through the Gospel of Mark since the beginning of the year. Each week, their Pastor has shared reflections on the text that weren’t touched upon on the sermons. Read the reflection for Mark 15, “When a story ends & Hearing a New Grace” if you want to find some new perspective.

Here are three reflections on why Holy Week and what Jesus did still matters everyday from The High Calling:

¬†How can our lives intersect with the slow, significant events of the cross? Read on in, “Why Holy Week Matters: Meeting Jesus at the Table”

Jesus understands what it means to worry and be overwhelmed. Learn from him in “Why Holy Week Matters: Letting Go in the Garden”

Finally, don’t take the sacrifice of the cross for granted, instead, “Why Holy Week Matters: Taking Up Your Cross”


The image, “Crosses” is ¬©CreationSwap/Ron Loveday.


Sunday Follow-Up: We Worry

On Sunday, December 8 2013 Pastor Chelsey shared a message entitled “We Worry” from Matthew 14.13-21 as part of our Advent Series, God is Bigger. You can hear the sermon on our current series page (or in the archives). Today, we’re sharing three different perspectives on God’s intended cure for our worry.

In “The Weeds of Worry” Christina shares how she learned to rest in the work of Christ.

Josh talks about his experience of being reminded some important truths about God by being out in creation in “The Anxiety-Klling Power of Creation.”

And Liz encourages us to do as the Bible says for those who worry: pray together. Read more in “A Prayer for the Anxiety-Ridden Christian.”


This post is a follow-up to a sermon preached by Rev. Chelsey L. Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC. It deals with the topic of anxiety and worry, prayer, and community.