Young, Restless, on the Job Market

Job Search


But, “What if you don’t know what to do with your Life?”

“Does God care where you work” anyway?

A prayer for the job hunt.

And how about looking at the future as an invitation to “Choose your own adventure.”


Photo by Kate Hiscock. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.


Faith Talks start when they’re young, but don’t end when you’re gone

Today’s posts all deal with engaging your children and grandchildren in faith talks.

The first comes from Michael Kelley, and helps you think of ways to engage your school aged kids in conversation about their day.

Then, there is the story of one pastor’s family and their struggle to be real for the good of their high school and adult children. Even though it is written by someone in the ministry, we can all relate to being a “Not-So-Perfect” family.

Finally, there’s the letter from a grandfather to the many generations after him. Though it was meant to be read at his funeral, the family didn’t find it until years later; the impact may be even more powerful because of it.


This post is about family faith talk.

So You’re in College Now…

…and there’s lots to fill your time and think about. Here are a few posts and resources to help you keep perspective:

If this is your first year at University, check out Chelsey Nugteren’s “10 Things I Wish They Told Me at College Orientation” parts 1 & 2, over at Boundless Line.

Maybe you’re in those middle years and have begun to wonder about life outside of college. Where are your passions driving you? What matters to God? What are other people like you reading? Byron Borger shares a list of compelling, thought-provoking, and transforming reads for adults of all ages (but of particular interest to young adults). Your pastor may even have a few on her/his shelf for you to borrow.

Or maybe you’ve been in school for far too long and the wrong sorts of things have become your focus. One grad student shares her struggle with grades and acceptance at The Evangelical Outpost.


This post was created with young adults and adults in college in mind. It aims to inspire, challenge and resource in the areas of discipleship, attitude, lifestyle, and faith.

Your kid still needs you

In this post, Syler Thomas reassures parents that even though you’re sending your kids off to college, your job as a parent isn’t over. In fact,

…the college years are often when you will find yourself growing closer to your kids than ever.

Thomas offers a few pieces of advice, a couple of resources to check out, and words of encouragement for you and your young adult. Read “When your child goes off to college, they need you.”


This post was made with adults of college aged young people in mind.

Be present!

Ever feel like someone isn’t listening to you? Tempted to check your email or facebook while on the phone or waiting for the next course at dinner?

Try being present instead. Here are some tips on “Being 100% present.”

This post is for adults and teens who care about their relationships and desire to have good communication, respect, and love in them.

Ready to dismiss Facebook? Not so fast…

Can’t understand the big hoopla? Don’t know why so many young adults and teens are being joined by the middle-aged and retired in the online world hosted by Facebook?

Practice a little empathy by reading one young adult’s perspective.


This post is about Facebook, community, Christian living, loneliness and relationships among adults, teens, and young adults.